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At Grow with Lilly Charity Events we are dedicated to organise events.

Starting from an individual who does not want to deal with the organisation stress of an event, to a company event where a lot of people and different attention, entertainment and elegance is needed.

Our annual charity events that benefit hospitals in need. Our goal is to improve technology, quality, and service in healthcare so that patients can receive the best care possible. We believe that together, we can make a difference.


Join us in supporting our cause annually by attending our charity events or book us for your upcoming event.

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Our Story

My name is Kristina, founder of "Grow with Lilly" and mom of Lilly. She inspired me to share my experience and suggestions as a mother. While enjoying every bumpy road, sleepless nights, food choices and crazy sleeping routines, creating a blog was something I wanted to do. The blog did not only share the bright side of motherhood, but the hard part as well and the journey some need to take before even getting pregnant.


As a PCOS (Polycystic ovary syndrome)  fighter myself, I struggled with infertility for two years. Up until the doctors found what the problem was, in two and half years I had over 20 blood tests done. I have changed doctors within and outside of the country, did my research as well, but it was time, energy and patience that I needed the most. After my diagnosis and process of getting pregnant I cried every time someone asked me about it. It took me a lot of courage to be open about it and accept my imperfection as a motivation and not as an enemy.

Even though some women have to go through much harder journeys than I did, my case was still enough reason to help other women in need so they get better care and motivation, not to be afraid to share their feminine problems. You are not alone! We are here to support you!

This inspired me to organise the first charity event in 2024 for the Szent István Hospital. Throughout the planning phase we started to expand our portfolio and from a blog create a service, where we can provide memorable nights and events for other people.

Our Team

This is us. Young, reliable, eager to help, friendly, but mostly - we love events.

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